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Drifts: Ho Tzu Nyen

In 2022, Drifts focuses on the theme “Ghosts” to critically think about the diverse conditions that haunt our present. Ghosts give us space to reflect on societal fears and ghostly presences; to encounter beings and histories that have been forgotten, are conflictual, or cannot be fully understood nor explained; to go deeper into practices that delve with spiritual tropes, realms, rituals, and spells. The theme will be explored with a diverse group of local and international practitioners through the public program, such as audiovisual performances, films, and lectures. Drifts Art Festival warmly welcomes you to its second edition. The festival takes place in Kontula and Itäkeskus, Helsinki, from 2nd September to 24th September 2022.‍‍

Ho Tzu Nyen, Emmi Venna, Sung Hwan Kim, Pan Daijing, Niko Hallikainen, Ana Vaz, Flora Yin Wong, Teo Ala-Ruona, Ayoung Kim, Elvin Brandhi, KAIROS, Jeamin Cha, Hanna Heilborn and David Aronowitsch, Enna Bae, Ahmed Al Nawas, Nural Moser, Sonya Schönberger, Foundland, David Muñoz Alcántara, Jasmin Mora, Angel Ninja-Merak, Kritina Mannikko, Youngle Keem, Jeamin Cha, Inhwan Oh, M.E.S.H., Heatlace, Hanna Maria Anttila, Lotta Petronella‍


2-24 SEP
Museum of Impossible Forms
4-7 pm Thu, Fri, SatHo Tzu Nyen - Exhibition

3. SEP
Cultural Centre Stoa / Outdoor Stage
3:00pm KAIROS - Spoken Words and Open mic
4:00pm Niko Hallikainen / Performance

Theatre Hall
5:00pm Teo Ala-Ruona / Performance
6:10pm Welcoming Words
6:20pm Sunghwan Kim / Film screening
6:50pm Ho Tzu Nyen / Film screening
7:10pm Jonna Kina / Film screening
7:15pm David Muñoz Alcántara / Performance
7:40pm Emmi Venna / Performance
8:20pm Flora Yin Wong / Live Performance
9:10pm Pan Daijing / Live Performance

Bar Idän Tähti
10:30pm - Mora / Performance (DJ)
12:30 pm - Angel Ninja-Merak / Performance
12:40 pm - Kritina Mannikko / Performance(DJ)

10. SEP
Kontula Skatepark
5:30pm Enna Bae / Lecture
6:00pm Jeamin Cha / Film screening
6:20pm Inhwan Oh / Film screening
6:30pm Youngle Keem / Film screening
7:00pm Ayoung Kim / Film screening
7:30pm Hanna Heilborn and David Aronowitsch / Film screening
7:50pm Ahmed Al Nawas / Performance
8:30pm Nural Moser / Performance
9:30pm Elvin Brandhi / Performance(live)
10:30pm M.E.S.H. / Performance (live)

Bar Wenla
11:30pm - Heatace / Performance (DJ)
1:30am - Topolorgy / Performance (DJ)

17. SEP
Cultural Centre Stoa
5:30pm Ana Vaz / Film screening
6:00pm Foundland / Film Screening
6:10pm Hanna Maria Anttila / Film Screening
6:30pm Sonya Schönberger / Film Screening & Artist Talk
7:20pm Lotta Petronella / Film Screening
9:10pm TBA / Performance

Drifts is a nomadic art platform that organizes festivals, symposiums, and projects in different regions in Helsinki and Seoul. It seeks to engage with critical dialogues and address urgent societal issues through audiovisual, performative, and discursive practices. The platform is developed through a collaborative approach to foster long-term sustainable relations with the diverse neighborhoods and communities that build the city's plurality.The full festival program and further information will be available at

Artistic Director: Soko Hwang
Collaborating Artistic Director: Giovanna Esposito Yussif
Curator: Linda Lazarov, Enna Bae, Marianne Savallampi
Production Management: Ahmed Barakat
Producer: Tuuli Pohjola, Brad Mullen
Production Coordinator: Laura Jurmu
Production assistant: Tuulia Kivisto, Jasmin Mora, Kin On Tham, Teo Schiffer
Light Management: Kristian Palmu
Light assistant: Tuomas Lehti
Sound Management: Pedro Mac Loughlin
Sound assistant: Saana Unelma Pohjonen
Sound System: Tatu Nenonen
Communication Manager: Aala Nyman
Graphic Design: Ji Kim, Soko Hwang

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