Museum of Impossible Forms - MIF is a cultural center located in Kontula, East Helsinki, and the coming together of communities of art and cultural workers working to build anticolonial, anti patriarchal, and non-fascist commitments and futures.

MIF was founded in 2016 by an independent transdisciplinary group of art and cultural workers, researchers, philosophers, and pedagogues united by the common urgency of enabling a platform that would fill gaps in the critical artistic practice and pedagogy for BIPOC artists in Helsinki. Opening its doors in 2017 in Kontula’s shopping center, MIF has unfolded as a dynamically open space that practices decolonial, queer and intersectional feminist values; as a heterogeneous platform to engage with experimental, marginal, and migrant forms of expression; and as a laboratory for experiences, critical thought, and radical imagination. 

In the past five years we have developed numerous events and significant interventions in cinema, performance, music, spoken word, theory, visual arts, socially engaged and activism-based practices, and pedagogy. MIF has become an indispensable resource for migrant knowing and a stronghold for contemporary artistic practices and alternate pedagogies in East Helsinki. As a collective project that builds communities, we seek to defy prejudices of otherness and structural inequality, working for a society based on dignity, diversity, equity, allyship and solidarity, and towards developing and strengthening pluralist art practices in Finland and elsewhere.

Museum of Impossible Forms was awarded the Tutkijaliitto Award in 2019 and the State Art Prize 2020 in the field of multi-disciplinary art by The National Arts Council and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike).



Artistic Director

Giovanna Esposito Yussif (since 2021)


Ji Kim, Soko Hwang

Previous Artistic Directors

Marianne Savallampi (2017⁠–2021)
Ali Akbar Mehta (2019⁠–2020)
Chistopher Wessels (2017⁠–2019)
Ahmed Al-Nawas (2017⁠–2019)


Taiteen, Kulttuurin ja Oppimisen Edistämisen Keskus ry (Center for Promotion of Arts, Culture and Teaching) (TKOK) is the association responsible for the Museum of Impossible Forms.
The central mission of Taiteen, Kulttuurin ja Oppimisen Edistämisen Keskus ry (TKOK) is to oversee and maintain the Museum of Impossible Forms (M{if}) culture centre.
It comprises a board elected by the general members during the Annual General Meeting, consisting of:

Board 2023

David Munoz Alcantara - Chair
Wisam Elfadl - Vice-chair
Christopher Wessels - Secretary
Marianne Savallampi - Treasurer
Maryan Abdulkarim - Member
Ahmed Al Nawas - Member
Miia Laine - Member
Misa Stephanie - Member

The board is tasked with creating a mandate for the Artistic Director(s), and ensuring the work executed is within the parameters of the association’s values.


Museum of Impossible Forms has received the generous support of Kone Foundation, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Center Finland, Goethe Institut-Finnland, Ministry of Culture and Education, and Helsinki City.








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