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Bodies of Pleasure: : Spell It Out for Me Please!



Olga Spyropoulou

Spell it out for me please!
with Olga Spyropoulou (sign up here

Do words arouse you?
Spell it out for me, please! is a participatory performance in the form of a board-and-tile word game. Each game engages two players at a time and lasts for half an hour. During the game, the players take turns expressing their desires by placing words on the board. Each time a word is placed, the points of that word are counted and announced. At the same time, a detailed suggestion of an action containing that word is made. Then each player decides: will they get the points or will they get off?

A game board, 200 letter tiles, a letter bag, and two racks. Before the game begins, the letter tiles are split between the two players. The performer explains the rules and answers the players’ questions.

You may decide to play with the artist or come with your own play partner. In the latter case, the artist is present to offer help with the rules and the negotiation.

*consent: agreement between participants who engage in an activity together.
*desire: longing, craving, urge or appetite, impulse towards something that promises enjoyment and satisfaction.
*narratophilia: sexual interest and arousal from telling, listening to, and/or reading obscene words or stories.
*negotiation: discussion, conflict resolution.
*play: venture, dalliance, game, manoeuvre, sexual intercourse, recreational activity.
*power: energy, motivation, control, order, authorship, over – with – to – within.

Olga Spyropoulou (she/her) is a Helsinki-based performance artist and writer. In her work, she experiments with various modalities of spect-actorship and non-hierarchical methodologies. She is interested in how we relate to one another in different contexts. Her artistic research revolves around legal contracts as performance scores, with respect to both private and public commitment.

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