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Sonic Club

Ava Imogen Grayson, Miia Laine

Sonic Club is a gathering of radio, audio and listening enthusiasts and all those interested in engaging with sonic explorations. Over three sessions this spring we will inquire what it means to listen - listen to ourselves, to others, and our surroundings. ‍

Ava Imogen Grayson is our guest for the second session. They will lead an evening open for daydreaming and questioning in order to find safer emotional spaces in the midst of eco-grief. We’ll start with the question: what would our ideal future(s) sound like?‍

Come with an open heart and ear!

Save the date! Our next session is 10.05 > Listening to cities with Sophea Lerner.

Ava Imogen Grayson (they/them) is a Canadian-born sound artist and pedagogue based permanently in Helsinki. Their work as a trained composer and sound experimenter focuses on creating experiences of connection and interconnection with that which is considered ‘other’. As a pedagogue, their events and workshops invite members of various local communities to learn about various embodied sonic practices.

Their performances are often dependent on collected field recordings and compositional layering to convey emotions centred on ecological grief and anxiety. Other current work focusses on using deep mapping processes to share the narratives of those within the immigrant trans and nonbinary community of Helsinki.

Since 2017, Grayson has been a lecturer at the University of the Arts Helsinki (Sound Art & Sonic Arts). They hold a Master's in Sound in New Media (Aalto University) and a Bachelor of Music Composition (University of British Columbia).

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