Physical Training, Tea and Token Minorities


Hami Bahadori

Come to build your endurance in this playful session with Hami Bahadori. He will guide you through push-ups, push-backs and ways to unplug from contemporary art and institutional jargon. Do you have the stamina for this ? Do you wish you would had more power? To be the model minority is not that difficult. Secure your future and never worry about theoretical lingo. No a PoC, Not a Problem, you can be tokenized. Brought to you by a group of acclaimed internationally published “Experts”.‍

Come in your comfy clothes or in your customary couture. We recommend bringing along a 'yoga' mat for ultimate gains.‍

You are welcome to take it to the max and pass out in good company, or stay cool and observe. After the session with Hami, we'll drink 'tea'. Name names, and point fingers.‍

Organised by Vishnu Vardhani and Hami Bahadori.‍

Hami Bahadori is an artist, organizer and writer based in Seattle. Hami is holding a BFA in Photomedia from University of Washington, Seattle. He studied at Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki between 2016-19. Hami is the co-founder of international artist group TT̶HT̶IT̶ST̶ T̶WT̶OT̶RT̶KT̶ST̶ T̶DT̶IT̶FT̶FT̶ET̶RT̶ET̶NT̶TT̶LT̶YT̶ former “This Might Not Work”.  He is also the co-organizer of Inside-An-Airport an autonomous reading group and media studio for artists & activists from Global South. The group meet regularly and publish reviews of books, exhibitions and art projects. Currently, he is working as both researcher and Personal Trainer in Seattle, WA.

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