THU 15, FRI 16 DEC

Intoxication and Machine-Bodies


Teo Ala-Ruona

Intoxication and Machine-Bodies is a workshop that invites us to dive into somatic fictional exploration around intoxication from pollution and your body as a machine. The workshop's themes are based on Ala-Ruona's upcoming work, Enter Exude (2023), and his long-term practice on somatic fictioning.

On the first day we will focus on intoxication mainly through a series of breathing exercises and imaginative practice. We will work with fictional intoxication and high: through imagining ourselves into intoxicated states we search for ways of moving and changing.

The second day of the workshop focuses on somatic fictioning around cyborgian bodily transformation. We will imagine different technological worlds inside the body, and look for machine-like quality in ourselves through bodily fictioning and group exercises.

There is no need to have any specific experience to attend, just come with a curiosity to experiment and play with your imagination and body's potentiality to reach into fictional states.

The workshop includes both solo, pair and group work.
The workshop is free of charge and for 8 people max.‍

About the artist:
Teo Ala-Ruona is a Helsinki based performance artist, whose work focuses on speculative somatic fiction and body horror in forms of performances and texts. By often using his own body as a site for various speculative stories to take place, he experiments on how through fiction he can transform himself, as well as the perspectives from which others look at his body. Ala-Ruona’s work has recently been shown in Warehpuse9 (Copenhagen), Drifts-festival (Helsinki), Jason Platform (Copenhagen), Takomo-theatre (Helsinki), Baltic Circle -festival (Helsinki), Bangkok Biennial (Bangkok) and NAVEL, Gas-gallery and Human Resources (Los Angeles).
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