04 APR

How is music political? | Thinking and singing Indian music

Sound Performance, Discussion

Sonic Club

Rasika Ajotikar

Sonic Club is a gathering of audio, radio and listening enthusiasts and all those interested in engaging with sonic explorations. Our first session of the year is with Rasika Ajotikar, who will share her musical and scholarly reflections on what it means to sing, learn and think about music. Given that artistic or creative practice often bears traces of a historical baggage marked by exploitative politics, one often struggles to confront the impasses that arise out of the entanglement of politics and art. This presentation draws on specific genres of Indian music to think through such impasses in an attempt to bring together theory and practice. It proposes to exit a culturalist interpretation of Indian music to think about music as form.

Rasika Ajotikar is a singer trained in the Hindustani music tradition who has been exploring diverse genres and styles of music over the past two decades. She is also an ethnomusicologist currently working as Junior Professor at the University of Hildesheim in Germany.


18.00: Open doors, refreshments

18.30: Talk by Rasika Ajotikar

Sonic Club is supported by the Finnish Culture Foundation.

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