Finding Tom


Vili von Nissinen, Nina Mutik

We invite you to a journey from darkness to light, to be the main character in a story about homosexual men in Helsinki. Come and find one of “Tom’s men” from yourself: unashamed, proud, sexy and masculine, and experience a slice of Finnish homosexual history through a touching story.

Finding Tom is an immersive, participatory artwork that combines live action role playing, theatre and other art forms. It tells the story of homosexual men who lived in Helsinki from the 40’s to the 70’s and of the influence Tom of Finland’s art had on them.

The experience lasts five hours (5h) and includes workshops, the play time and a debrief. You must be present for the whole duration. Pack your own lunch. There is a small kitchen at the venue to warm up food.

Although all the characters in the story are homosexual men, we welcome all bodies, genders and sexualities to this journey. This event is body positive and free from discrimination.

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Vili von Nissinen and Nina Mutik are unapologetic nonbinary queer artists who have an abundant experience in creating participatory artworks. Tom of Finland has deep personal meaning for both and this is a creation straight from their hearts. Like Tom of Finland, Vili and Nina want to create a better world through their art, with love and by taking away fear.

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