SAT 22, SUN 23 OCT

Bodies of Pleasure: Bambi's Dollhouse



Julius Elo

Bambi’s dollhouse
with Julius Elo (sign up here )

Come and play with a doll called Bambi

Being a doll and playing with a doll deals with role-play, power-exchange, and the power of transformation. It focuses on the aspects of control and being controlled in a playful, creative environment. Dollification is a playset where a person is mentally and physically ‘'transformed' into a living doll.

The doll’s purpose is to provide pleasure and happiness to the player. The doll-like person adopts a more submissive role and enjoys being toyed with while the dominant puppet player is aroused by the control that they exert over the doll. Sexual objectification is the act of treating another person as an instrument for sexual pleasure. ‍

Julius Elo (they/them) is a performance artist and artistic director of Reality Research Center. They work with sexuality, nudity, and bodily techniques while creating performance concepts and participatory performances where the audience is set at the core of the piece in different ways. Elo has worked for over 10 years in the field of sexpositivity in Helsinki and Berlin. Elo is one of the founders of the Wonderlust-festival and Helsinki Shibari Collective.

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