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Debt for Climate! Finland, Luontoliitto,

💎 On Friday 14.4. we will gather together with @luontoliitto @metsaryhmä and @debtforclimatefi to discuss the colonialist actions of Finnish forestry companies in Brazil and Uruguay. Activities that increase Finland's ecological debt to Uruguay and Brazil. #deudaxclima📹 We will be screening 'Metsäjätin kovat otteet maailmalla' (Yle MOT, 2019). After the film researcher Markus Kroger and Brazilian activists will tell us more about issues described in MOT movie. The movie is in Finnish and Portuguese, with subtitles in Finnish. The discussion will take place in english and finnish languages. In the event there will be an amateur activist interpreter to translate the discussion and the finnish parts of the MOT episode.

❌ Veracel is a company owned by the Finnish company Stora Enso. Veracel has been violent against Brazilian people living in Bahimia area, which Veracel claims to own. Come to watch Yle's MOT documentary about what happened there and to learn more directly from the Bahimia Brazilian activists.

❔Four years after the making of MOT movie, a question remains: Has anything changed? Brazilian activists tell more about what has happened and what the situation is at the moment. Researcher Markus Kroger will tell about extractivism and how Finnish owned forest companies are colonizing South America.

❔Together, as a multi-movement, we ask: What are we doing to resist the colonialism of Finnish companies in South America?

Free entry to the event!

🗯Location: Museum of Impossible Forms in Kontula (Keinulaudankuja 4E, second floor).
🗯Time: Doors 17.30. / The programme starts at 17.45.
🗯 Language: the event will be in English and Finnish, with an amateur activist interpreter present to translate the discussion and the Finnish parts of the MOT episode.

Accessibility information:
The space is accessed by two lifts, 4 cm thresholds on the way.
There is no accessible toilet, the nearest toilet is at Kontula metro station.

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