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18:00 - 21:00

Islamia Queeristi Project

Wasla Collective

On-Site Residency

Presentation, Collaboration

Image credit: Image by Mire Mroué.

Museum of Impossible Forms is delighted to collaborate with Wasla Collective, who will be our spring 2022 on-site residents. 

Wasla Collective is an intersectional collaboration founded by two women from Muslim backgrounds, Wisam Elfadl and Mire Mroué, also known as Wasla وصلة (English: unifier and/or enabler). The values and activities of the collective are strongly based on the principles of anti-racism, intersectional feminism and safer space. Wasla is part of an association called BuraQ, which aims to support the well-being of Muslims and LHBTIQ people of Muslim background living in Finland and to improve their status and visibility within the Finnish Muslim communities. Wasla Collective is Finland's first collective promoting the visibility of LHBTIQ-inclusive interpretations of Islam, whose activities are planned, implemented and managed by LHBTIQ+ Muslims or persons with a Muslim background themselves.

Wasla will be at MIF between March and May engaging with a series of talks, screenings and gatherings as part of their Islamia Queerist (Queering Islam) project. Stay tuned!